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We all paper craft lovers, there are some people want to make a challenging piece of art, some of us, on the other hand, just want something interesting enough to have fun doing it, as a relaxing activity. Based on your needs, our mission is to create both types of design: challenging one and simple one. And our new product is something in the middle, quite tricky but not too difficult to make, with stunning results and worth a try!










Disney Princess

Disney Villains


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  • Posted on by Admin

    Hi Tee,
    It’s 250-300gsm
    Best Regards!

  • Posted on by Admin

    Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you so much for love my works.
    Please contact to have the price
    Best Regards!

  • Posted on by Tee
    Can you tell me what pound of cardstock is used in the Pentagon lanterns please?
  • Posted on by Jonathan

    Thank you for the new 3D pentagon designs you are about to launched , I’m a really big fan of your work here in ireland and have bought a few items off you. May I please ask you how much would the individual prices be for the snowflake , Rose, mickey and the mandala designs be as I would love to get these so they would help Practice me paper cuts with my maker as I’m not very confident yet to actually seek a licence to sell as at the minute I make only for friends and family.

    Thank you also for always been so helpful when I contact you.


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