What Do You Need To Know About The Spacer? - Lightboxgoodman

1. How to choose the spacer's thickness
5 elements which help you choose the right thickness:
  • The common foam boards you can easily buy: 3-7mm
  • How many layers are you going to use: if the number of layers is large, you can use the thinner spacer and vice versa
  • The depth of your frame: if your frame is not too deep, you can use the thinner spacer (but the 3D and the light effect are not beautiful as expect). On the other hand, if your frame is deep enough, you can use the thicker spacer, which makes the better light effect.
  • The thickness of the paper: the thicker the paper the thinner the spacer and vice versa. But please notice that don't use the paper is way too thin, because all the layer will collapse and the shape of the layers will be a mess
  • The brightness of light: If you use the fairy led, you should use the thinner paper and thinner spacer. However if you use led strip 5v or 12v, you should use the thicker paper and thicker spacer
2. All kind of material could be used as a spacer
  • Foam boards: easy to buy, many kind of thickness, easy to cut, highly recommended
  • Wood (not easy to cut)
  • 5mm thick sticky foam strips: the thickness only suitable with the box kit 10x10 cm
    3. How to get the right size for spacer:
    • X is the paper's width
    • Y is the paper's length
    • a is the spacer's width (depends on the margin, all the Lightboxgoodman's designs have a margin (where we put the spacer) is 1 cm
      The formula to calculate the spacer's size
      • H = Y
      • D= X - 2a
      • H: vertical spacer's length
      • D: horizontal spacer's length
      We hope that what we have just share can help you make more beautiful lightbox! Good luck and have fun!

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