Freshly graduated University with an engineering bachelor degree, a 22 years old young man struggled in a big city trying to find a job. 

Going to work, attending meetings, paying bills, life goes on in a way that is usual to others, yet bland, and colourless to him.

In the middle of the booming technology era, he decided to go back to traditional values to paint his life, to see the world in a different angle.

And Paper Cutting Art is what captured his attention.

The art of designing, coloring, and paper crafting leads to a mesmerizing combination of lights and space. Each would tell you a secret story within itself.

So from a mining engineer, he starts to draw and craft.

LightboxGoodman is then created to spread the paper art, with the aim to not only limit it as drawing and cutting, but also to up level it with the application of technology, and make it feasible and accessible even for newbies. Therefore if one is interested, they can do it themselves.

His dream is, to one day, be able to show up at international markets to present Vietnamese culture and people through the products, and to send Vietnamese traditions and values to the world via the art or paper cutting.

"Released in 2018, LightboxGoodman is one of the leading brands specialized on papercut lightbox and shadow box, and recently, cricut and cutting machine designs. Everyday, we strive to deliver high-quality designs in diverse themes such as landscapes, animals, family, love, movies, fairy...and customized designs also, with reasonable price and good service. If you are a handicraft lover, LightboxGoodman is your best choice. Visit us to get lost in our collections, how-tos and more. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the handmade goods and craft supplies."
~ Good Man ~

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