Maleficent introduced viewers to an untold story about the most feared villain from Sleeping Beauty. Throughout the film, a witch’s tale was revealed since the very beginning; exploring all the reasons that led her to become the person she once was.

Spectators never anticipated what the plot had in store, proving that there are always 2 sides to every story.

Nothing happens to turn Maleficent evil. No back story is offered or hinted at to explain her malevolence—she has just simply always been evil. Her character is drawn so ominously that there is never any question whose side the audience should be on. Solitary, angular, and horned, Maleficent speaks in a deep, theatrically harsh voice and deploys a bitter, jealous wit to ensure that she appears completely without the capability to love or to be loved.


We all love Maleficent and she inspires us making some awesome paper cutting art. Today we present you guys the tutorial video of making Maleficent Pop-up Lightbox. Grab some paper & let's get started!

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