Lightbox Goodman is turning 2 this month thanks to all of our beloved customer! Without you guys none of this would be possible. We want to celebrate with you by giving you the biggest deal ever! Keep reading until the end to get your big gift 💝✨

If you have ever contacted us, on website, via support mail, or sent message via facebook will get a warming welcome and supportive answer from Goodman founder. He wants to serve you all the best! In opportunity of Lightbox Goodman birthday, let find out about this guy: who is he and how come he has an idea to create Goodman Store?

1. He was a mining engineer!

Freshly graduated University with an engineering bachelor degree, a 22 years old young man struggled in a big city trying to find a job.

Going to work, attending meetings, paying bills, life goes on in a way that is usual to others, yet bland, and colorless to him.

In the middle of the booming technology era, he decided to go back to traditional values to paint his life, to see the world in a different angle.

And Paper Cutting Art is what captured his attention.

The art of designing, coloring, and paper crafting leads to a mesmerizing combination of lights and space. Each would tell you a secret story within itself.

So from a mining engineer, he starts to draw and craft.

2. Lightbox Goodman's purpose:

Lightbox Goodman is then created to spread the paper art, with the aim to not only limit it as drawing and cutting, but also to up level it with the application of technology, and make it feasible and accessible even for newbies. Therefore if one is interested, they can do it themselves.

He not only found a store where the customer can purchase template designs, lightboxes, materials...but also created a paper art lover community. He has a group on Facebook where more than 3,000 craft lover can join and discuss, share their artwork, their experience to each other. He also owns a Youtube channel where he shares some tips to make a better lightbox, his knowledge about this art to help people, especially newbies can get a free tutor. 

3. His dream

His dream is, to one day, be able to show up at international markets to present Vietnamese culture and people through the products, and to send Vietnamese traditions and values to the world via the art or paper cutting.

Big thanks to all the Lightbox Goodman Family! We have the nicest and coolest customers in the world. In this birthday month, we are honored to give you the biggest promo code: BIRTHDAY10 Please use this code for every order more than 20$ to get 10$ off!!

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