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Hi everyone, have a nice day!

As you can see, listening to the customer is our way to make better service for you. And we received several feedbacks about the wood frame, there is some difficulties using it and also the price is not affordable. Your problem, is our problem. We have been researching and today, we are so happy to introduce with you guys our new product: Paper Lightbox Frame!

We have Rectangle Size

And the Square Size

By using our basic material - paper, the price is more reasonable than ever! It is still firm enough, and easy to make, just purchase the template on our website and follow our instruction, you're good to go! Let's take a look at this, and tell us what you think!

Let's take a look at this, and tell us what you think!

Thank you for being our customer,

LightboxGoodman Team


  • Posted on by Admin

    @L Fedele
    I can use wood and foamboard to create frame!

  • Posted on by Admin
    Thank you so much!

    I was edited all

  • Posted on by L Fedele

    Do you use a different material for the box, and if so, what do you use? Thank you very much.

  • Posted on by Phyllis Butler
    I like it, thanks for thinking of us the customer. I have not cut my patterns, got a few projects to finish first but I will be getting these paper frames from you.
  • Posted on by Cathy Pennicott

    Do you have the sizes each piece should be as an SVG please or is it a case of resizing the largest piece to – Frame Rectangle Size: 8.3 × 10.3 × 3″ (20.4 × 26.4 × 8 cm)

    On some of the cut files you show the sizes of each piece which is re-assuring and would be very useful please

    thank you – I have purchased the square and rectangle.

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