We not only are a paper art lover but also love the art in general. We have a huge passion for cinematography, natural creatures, sport...and we put our mind in everything we made. For example, in today article we want to tell you a story of how we came up with all design about Maleficent - a villain we all love!

We grow up with Disney interpretations of classic fairy tales. They turn all our bedtime story into movement picture in television, symbolize it in our childhood. Then the live action version was born, and those bedtime stories become real more than ever. But Maleficent is different. I must say that the first live action in which the main character is not a princess. Actually the Sleeping Beauty Aurora - she sleeps through all 100 focusing on the villain is a smart move! And it is, isn't it?

Maleficent is a complicated character. She had a pure heart when she was a young adult fairy. She was kind, sincere and showed love. A true sweetheart, until she was betrayed. That is when her heart turned to stone and she was hungry for revenge. But deep down she still had a good heart, which was expressed through her feeling for Aurora. This was the first movie where I actually was routing for the villain, and felt good about it.

Not just that, Maleficent has hidden qualities that make watching the movie an enjoyable experience. Maleficent is a visually beautiful movie. No really. It’s not just a question of synthesis images or special effects. It is a question of general aesthetic. Maleficent is a treat visually. It has iconic shots and a vibrant color palette that allow us to see the set and its details. No really, what is supposed to be colorful and lively is. What is supposed to be gloomily and haunting is. More than any Disney live remakes I have seen Maleficent has visual research that takes from the original animated movie but knows when to depart from it when needed for the narrative.

And finally, Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent is the one thing the critics nearly universally agree on. She is really good. You can see how pleased she is to be Maleficent and how she gives the best of herself. She is having fun, and it’s intoxicating. Just watch the christening scene. She is perfect in it. Angelina Jolie is a delight, one of best live casts of a Disney character up to now, and her part in the movie is one the best things in it.

Overall, Maleficent is a keeper and will go down in history as a Disney classic. I love a happy ending where the deserving good guy ends up on top, and in this case, Maleficent is the winner. And that story inspired us making gorgeous templates for you guys! If you like this character and want us to make more templates about her, please leave the comment or support our blog for more!

Well, Well 😈

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