3 Steps To DIY Papercut Light Boxes

1. Get the pattern and carve 

Choose your favorite pattern here and download the file, print out them. Carved out pattern along the lines - it requires some patience, I usually spent a full 3 hours on this step. Please be patient and finish carved out all paper of the pattern. 

Instructions video how to purchase and download files:

2. Light source for your boxes

Glued the LED lights to the last page paper. If it is possible, using 2 different colors LED lights will make it more beautiful. (Don't worry, the possibility of overheat and catch fire is infinitely close to zero). You can buy the profession LED lights for your papercut light boxes here: https://bit.ly/31P5DJ6


3. Making spacer and assembled. 

Making a frame square for every paper using KT board or foam, and stuck on the back of the paper. Finally combine them together using double-sided tape. 

Instruction here: https://lightboxgoodman.com/pages/faqs

Final effect: 


4. Instructions Video 

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Please uncheck the Adaptive border (It will load the image scaling, and may cut the edges of the picture)


  1. Don't cut the number in the upper right corner of the paper, they're just to mark the order and prevent reversing the paper. 
  2. Attention please, in the last step, you need to make sure all papers are placed in order, otherwise, your work will be ruined. 


  1. Don't think about which parts need to be kept, which parts need to be discarded. Just carve along the lines and everything will be done naturally. 
  2. Cutting order: from inner to outer, from small to large. This will reduce the chance for damaging the paper.

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