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Art culture has no borders and is the common wealth of all human beings. We would like to share with you all our design template, non-profit at all. Download and print the free templates and follow our tutorial to make this 
beautiful lightbox for yourself or loved ones.


  • When you share this template, please cite it from
  • This template is free to everyone, not for commercial purposes.
  • Copyright belongs to
  • Do not resell this template.
  • Only share as an individual.
  • Don't use this template to advertise or attract viewers for your website or store.


All shared samples are free for personal purpose only, we are not responsible for the copyright of the shared samples.

You can download here and cut it!

I hope you'll like it.

Best Regards!

~ Good Man ~


  • Posted on by Gabi
    Thank you very much
  • Posted on by Nicole
    Thank you so very much. I am new to Light boxes and until a couple of day ago I have never heard of pop up light boxes. I purchased one yesterday and will have a go on the weekend. I’m sure it wasn’t the last purchase, your templates are beautiful!
  • Posted on by Linda
    Thank you so much! I just cut out the train and am now cutting the Spirit Of The Forest. I love your designs.
  • Posted on by Stephanie
    Thank you so much!
  • Posted on by Laura Sutton
    I purchased one of your Christmas ones and they are beautiful. How do you get them to have different color lights inside like you show?

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